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 Corrosion Control

The Federal Highway Administration in its landmark study of Corrosion Costs and Preventative Strategies in the United States, published in 2002, determined that the direct cost of corrosion to the US Economy is $279 Billion per year. Twenty Six industrial segments were analyzed for this study.

The study states "Epoxies are the preferred corrosion control coating for severe environments. They exhibit superior adhesion and chemical resistant properties."


Traditional epoxies are used as part of a "system" i.e. multiple coats to achieve their superior performance.

It was found in the FHA survey that surface preparation and application costs greatly exceed the cost of coatings. Coatings account for only 4% of the total coating job.

Additionally, coatings which contain unacceptable levels of VOC's are being driven from the market by regulators.

The coating products that will prevail in the current market environment are those that can offer superior performance, contain no VOC's, and are easily applied over a wide variety of surface conditions, so as to replace the costly multi-coat systems.

IAG Multi Functional Coating is the ideal solution for controlling corrosion. As a cost effective- corrosion resistant coating, we have created a product that meets or exceeds the demands of the industry.

IAG Multifunctional Coating Product Data Sheet



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