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 Frequently Asked Questions for IAG Coatings

Q: What is a 100% solid epoxy?
A: In the coatings industry 100% solids refers to a liquid material that will change from a liquid to a solid without losing mass. 100% solids coatings contain either no solvent or a trace amount of solvent from the manufacturing process.

Q: Are 100% solid epoxies new?
A: No. Since epoxy technologies commercialization in the late 1930's 100% solid epoxy resins have been utilized in a variety of applications.

Q: Are these materials difficult to apply?
A: Previous 100% solids epoxies used in fuel storage tank linings were highly filled with fiberglass flakes and required plural spray equipment for application. Significant surface preparation for steel and concrete were required for successful adhesion. These disadvantages made it difficult to design coatings for general usage. With the addition of revolutionary and proprietary curing agents ANC has overcome the many disadvantages of previous solid epoxy formulations.

Q: How are IAG coatings applied?
A: IAG's coatings can be applied with conventional airless spray equipment, brush, or roller.

Q: What types of surfaces can be coated?
A: IAG coatings have excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates and exhibit superior surface tolerance. They exhibit excellent flow and penetrating properties. The ability to reach a true chemical cure as opposed to a partial cure of solvent laden systems make them an ideal coating choice for minimally prepared surfaces.

Q: What is the advantage of using IAG Coatings?
A: The ability to replace high VOC content multi-coat systems with a single high performance coating which is user and environmentally friendly is a significant quality of IAG's family of coatings





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